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Transforming the production of nixtamal and corn tortillas
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Revolutionizing the Production of Nixtamal and Corn Tortillas.

Welcome to Nextamalli, a company dedicated to developing technology for the production of high-quality nixtamal and corn tortillas. Our focus is on offering innovative and efficient solutions for the food industry, through our patented ALITECH technology.

We are passionate about corn and its culture, which is why our products are designed to preserve its nutrients and traditional flavors while increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

With our nixtamal cooking reactors, you can cook up to 1500 kg of corn and produce nixtamal ready for grinding in less than 2 hours. This means significant savings in gas and time, an increase in yield, and a reduction in solid waste.

Whether you have a small tortilla shop, a restaurant or a large production line, Nextamalli has the right solution for you. Discover our models of gas and electric reactors and become a sustainable and high-quality corn tortilla producer with Nextamalli.

We would love to work with you and help take your business to the next level!

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Gas & electric reactors.

Nixtamal Cooking Reactors With ALITECH Technology.

All of our nixtamal cooking reactors with ALITECH technology provide the same benefits, including increased yield, reduced solid waste, and preservation of the nutrients and traditional flavor of corn, which helps produce healthier and more nutritious food. Discover how our reactors can improve your production processes and deliver better quality products.

Electric Reactor: 25, 75, 150 & 300Kg

Perfect for cooking from 25kg up to 300kg, making it ideal for small tortilla shops or restaurants. It uses electricity instead of gas to operate, making it safer and easier to use.

Gas Reactor Model RB: 75, 150 & 300Kg

Designed for spaces with low ceiling heights, such as small and medium-sized tortilla shops. It allows cooking from 75kg up to 300kg of nixtamal and saves up to 40% of gas compared to the traditional method.

Gas Reactor Model RC: 75, 150, 300, 600 & 1500Kg

This is a concave reactor that discharges by gravity, making it ideal for sites with high ceilings, which makes the process more efficient. This model allows cooking from 75kg to 1500kg, making it ideal for medium to large businesses or tortilla factories, or for large production lines.
Our technology

ALITECH features

Technical Information
Body made of insulated carbon steel in a shape to be determined.
Inner tank made of stainless steel.
Pressure cooking system with safety valve and solenoid valve.
Control box with digital temperature indicator and ignition button.
Gas flow control rotameter.
Butterfly valve on lateral side with food grade seal on one side for discharge of nixtamal..
Combustion chamber with natural gas or LP gas burners.

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Tortillerías Segura, Tostadas La Peñita, Tostadas Charras, Tostadas Maizada, and HEB are just a few of the satisfied customers who have benefited from our ALITECH technology. Join our community of happy clients and experience the difference for yourself!

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In addition to our innovative nixtamal cooking reactors with patented ALITECH technology, we can also assist you in the design and construction of masa production plants, corn storage systems, and flour mills.

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