The Revolution of Nixtamal Cooking Process with Alitech

Nixtamal, a staple in Mexican cuisine, is the foundation for traditional dishes like tortillas, tamales, and sopes. The process of nixtamalization involves cooking and steeping dried maize in an alkaline solution, usually made from slaked lime or wood ash, to make it more digestible and nutritious. This process has been used for centuries, but with the advent of Alitech’s technology, the nixtamal cooking process has undergone a significant revolution.

Alitech’s reactors are designed to wash, cook, and cool the maize, making it ready for grinding. The technology is efficient and consistent, ensuring a high-quality and uniform product. The reactors’ closed system also helps to reduce waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

The benefits of Alitech’s nixtamalization technology go beyond efficiency and consistency. The process enhances the nutritional value of the maize by increasing the bioavailability of essential nutrients like niacin and calcium. The technology also produces a higher-quality masa, which translates to better-tasting and more nutritious tortillas, tamales, and other nixtamal-based dishes.

Alitech’s nixtamalization technology has revolutionized the traditional process, making it more efficient, consistent, and environmentally friendly. By embracing this technology, tortillerias, and other nixtamal-based food producers can improve the quality and nutritional value of their products while reducing waste and environmental impact.


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